Being a Beginner

Hi! I started this to be very clear that I am a beginner! Though I have been a writer for years, I am a beginner at being a public writer. A published author, a blogger, a promoter? I started writing at a young age, poems, short stories, music lyrics, journaling anything because I loved to write. My dad always told me I could be anything when I was younger, and I absolutely believed him. As it turned out I was right to believe him because he was right, my imagination always ran wild fast forward to when I got older that didn’t really change. So I created my first book from that imagination, it is finally published (my published work will be in the library page and will be updated every time there is more!) and I already started on a couple more.

I decided to grow from there to blog because I am a beginner, and maybe you are too. I don’t just mean a beginner at writing or blogging, I mean at anything you may be working on accomplishing. I realized how many issues or roadblocks have rose up for me as I began my journey and I thought to myself I am probably not the only one, and it is lonely thinking you are the only person new to whatever it is! It is overwhelming and my goal here is to help you not feel so alone and the things I learn will in turn hopefully be helpful for you as well! At this point I feel like being a mom is probably the only thing I don’t feel like a beginner at!

This is very broad right now because I think more then one topic would be best for my blog. I hope to connect with others who share my disposition as a beginner and to grow from here, as the saying is ‘nowhere to go but up’. As I accomplish a more than a novice position from here on my journey maybe you will too.

#zerotohero #beingawriter #beginners #introduction #beingabeginner

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