Being a Procrastinating Writer

Being a writer is not easy, sure ideas are great, phenomenal even. Sometimes it just flows! And then there is the worst part, the part we dread that happens to everyone at least once. Writers block. Some people can get through that so easy, some have to find inspiration. And some procrastinate, or stop working on their writing because they really just have no idea how to get motivated and find that inspiration.

I am a big procrastinator! When I can’t figure out what to do next in my book, for example, I don’t work on it for weeks! I binge watch T.V., play on social media, anything really to keep me occupied so I don’t think about how I should be working on that sequel, or attempting to find some sort of inspiration so I can get past the writers block. It is torture and makes me feel terrible! And sadly, for me, this happens often. However I figured out some ways to help me not procrastinate! Cause let’s face it, the procrastinating writer is just going to be miserable a lot, at least in my experience lol!

  • Make a list (literally of anything it just gets me in the mood to write more!)
  • Read a short story
  • Draw or color
  • Do a tattoo! (Can’t have too many hobbies and it turns out I am pretty good at it!)
  • Work on a new story mulling around in my brain!-Yes it worked!
  • Nice hot shower to think
  • Listening to music!
  • Research on interesting topics (for some reason this just gives me ideas sometimes!)
  • Interesting YouTube videos
  • Brain food! And apple juice (seriously this stuff is great haha)

Even though I had a new story idea I still had to get myself to finally start working on it, so instead of starting it like I start most of my work I decided to concentrate on organizing it just a bit more. I made a list of character names (hey coming up with these takes time, you want them to stick out and sound great on paper and not be basic!) and listed other traits for the story to help me focus for it. I didn’t get very far on this new book before I just figured out how to get my sequel for The Untamed and the Unforgiven flowing again! I was so surprised that starting an entirely new project jolted my mind like that! It was like I had to unload other thoughts on my mind in order to refocus my thoughts for my first series. (I started my published book when I was 15-16 that was ten years ago! It first published in 2014, then I had to take it down for editing and now in 2020 it is back on market. I feel a huge obligation to keep this series going!)

I don’t expect these tricks to help me every single time I am in a bind with my writing, but I feel like they will work most of the time and for now it is a good feeling, feeling more of a sense of accomplishment because of these tricks. Maybe they will help you too! What inspires you?

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